Q: Still smoking (white) after major repairs on 2002 Volvo S60

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Engine only has 35,000 White smoke out of tail pipe after it warming up. Replace the PCV valve/hoses, Turbo as mention by mechanic. Did a compression test and good results 170 lbs with one cylinder ar 165 lbs. Could it be the valve stem seals ? or do I need to drive the car to clean out the oil in the pipes. I have started it and ran it for 20 mins. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
(1) Answer
If you have a lot of oil in the exhaust, you will have to drive it to burn it all out, letting it idle won't do it. Try to drive it in a low traffic area!
Compression looks great, so no worried there. You are 100% sure it is oil smoke and not from leaking coolant, like a blown headgasket?