Q: still humming out of the front wheels
on 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

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I just took the 05 chevy cavalier after replaceing the front wheel bearing. I think its the tires they say the bad tires sound like wheel bearings so I stuck between a rock and a hard place so what would be my next step. besides the tires
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Did you replace the 'defective' bearing? May be the other side and usually is the opposite side from what one thinks!!
Won't be the first time, nor the last, this has happened! Good idea to replace both anyway.
Rotate the tires and see if noise moves to rear. If so you know you need new tires unless rear have worn unevenly.
I agree with rpc.also switch sides, X pattern, with tires so they roll in opposite direction.
Should be able to feel/see uneven tread wear, rub tire tread front to back then back to front, as long as no steel showing from wear!!