Q: Stiff Steering after having the steering rack replaced on 2004 Subaru Legacy

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I just had the steering rack replaced in my car and it feels really stiff as if there is no power steering. Is this normal or did something not get done completely
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During a steering rack replacement there is an involved procedure for bleeding air from system. Most technicians will not perform this because it is very time consuming and they make no money on flat rate to perform this. Talk w/service manager to resolve this,(override the service writer for they do not know about this procedure)
I also had my steering rack replaced just two days ago. After I got home from the mechanic's workshop. I realised that the power steering fluid had leaked off from the steering rack fitting because it wasn't properly tightened. I put thread seal on the threaded portion and tighened it. I also bled the system of air. But, I noticed that my steering wheel was a bit stiffer than it used to be. Even stiffer when turned right than to the left. Apart from this, my horn seized and the SRS light remains ON. What can I do to take care of the stiffness?
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