Q: sticky throttle cable on 1994 Ford Explorer

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throttle cable or throttle sticks in high rpms tried wd 40 helped some but still didn't fix it will carb cleaner work on it and not damage it more for cleaning it up
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Throttle cables seldom stick unless it is kinked somewhere. If thats the case, it needs replacement.

You should try cleaning the throttle body. Take the intake tube off. Spray some carb cleaner on a rag, open the throttle (while the engine is off), wipe off the throttle plate the best you can. Then get a toothbrush and spray it w/ some carb clean, scrub all the corners and edges to get all the deposits off. Wipe it all off and your good to go.

Also, if the car has cruise control, make sure thats not binding or acting up.
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