Q: Sterring sticks and releases causing overcorrection on 2004 BMW Z4

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When al speeds, all road conditions, Installed new tires and that did not help, could it be the "electronic steering assist" has or is going out?
Yes I checked the lock on the steering colum and moved it inward with no improvement..
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If it only happens in temps above 80 degrees it might be a fairly common issue that required the entire steering column to be replaced. The NHSTA is currently reviewing the issue so if we are lucky they will force BMW to fix the dangerous problem under a recall.
i took my 2004 bmw back to dealer 60,000 miles . they replaced the stering colum at no cost to me i said it was a safety problem
i took my 2004 bmw back to dealer at around 55,000 for the same thing. I was a month out of warranty but they "replaced it as a favor to me." Would have cost $500.
Have you have your wheel alignment checked? Could possibly be excessive camber
Has the car been involved in any road incidences? such as gutter or pot holes?
Are your wheels aftermarket? Possibly excessive offset
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