Q: Stereo Issues on 1996 Acura RL

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When I bought this car the radio would not turn on. I have checked all fuses and they all are intact so I was wondering how I could go about trying to figure out what is going on. THank you for your help ahead of time.
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Seen problems with these radios several companies specialize in repairing original equipment Acura stereos.
several other companies in LA also a good company is Sacramento can't think of their name.
See if there is a security lock out, the front of the radio may say something like 'code'. If this is the case then you will have to go to an Acura dealer and get your code, bring your title to prove that you are the rightful owner, or else they will not give you the code (assuming that is the issue a security lockpout is the issue )
I hit the power button and it wont turn on at all. The previous owner said it used to work, and there is still a cassette converter for an ipod still inside it.