Q: steps in replacing a water pump? how do I take off the belt on 1995 GMC 1500 Pickup

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I need to replace the water pump I think I have an idea how but want to be sure before I start.
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Well Mike, --TIP : "after removing the upper radiator shroud", removing the belt is the easiest step! Suggest having this done by a mechanic or get help from a car savvy buddy whom is handy with a wrench! REAL HANDY! IF you must try this, search youtube, watch video, then you decide!!
Ps: ALL ENGINES/SAME PROCEDURE. So 'which ever' one you have it will be about the same! 4.3L - 5.0L - 5.7L. Gas - but the 6.5L Diesel is different! So just enter "change water pump on a Chevy" on youtube search. Same video for the GMC. Just more video available for Chevy. Watching it being done is much better than reading it being done!
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