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Q: Steering wheel vibration over 50 mph on 2005 Honda Odyssey

My steering wheel shakes and vibrates when i go over 50 mph. any guesses as to what it could be? thanks!
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With full respect to Joel (welcome by the way...), a wheel alignment will never ever correct a vibration at 50 mph.

That's not to say you don't need one or shouldn't get one. Just that it won't solve your vibration.

--Steering wheel vibration while driving and not braking that comes on only at highway speeds and then even goes away the faster you go is totally a wheel balance Joel says first off.

--Steering wheel that vibrates at 50 mph but only when touching the brake pedal is caused by out-of-round brake rotors.

--Steering wheel vibration at lower speeds - 0-35 mph - is often caused by a bad tire or a bent rim.

Good luck!
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a few thigs it could be.the easiest thing is to look to see if any wheel weights fell off the rim and if any tires are cupped or(high and low spots) if that checks out then have the front end aligned at a garage.
Jeff Bowen.
my 2005 honda accord started to shimmy ,had the two front tyres rebalance problem still there,need your help.
I have an 05 Odyssey that has a steering wheel shimmy around 70-75. it comes and goes at those speeds. comes on slowly and builds then goes away after about 20-25 min. comes back 30 minutes later???
sometimes is more pronounced when engine is under power. sometimes shimmies at 65 when engine is coasting???
Have changed tires and had them balanced, also had torque converter changed because of grind at 40-45.
Any ideas.
Had a major vibration on my odyssey right around 60-70 mph and after hitting the brakes it would clear up for a second then comeback after accelerating again. Resolved this by replacing cv joints, the inner joint had thrown grease all over the under side of my van and was only really noticable after removing and replacing
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