Q: Steering wheel squeeks when you turn it. Sounds like rubber rubbing. on 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

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Is this the CV Boot? Also, clunking/knocking sound underneath hood. Mechanics have checked everything and can't find cause. Any thoughts?
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The clunking/knocking noise i would check the front stabilizer bushings
to frame.

On a 2 post lift at garages,when you pick vehicles up,suspension hangs
and pulls suspension down and it's hard to feel if bushings are worn.
I've repaired quit a few of those.

Steering squeaks?
Are you parked and turning wheel or is it when your driving and turning?

Thanks for the thoughts on front stabilizer bushings. I'll have them check those.

As for the squeaks....its both when in park and I turn the wheel AND when I'm driving and turning. Just turning the steering wheel at all makes a sound thats like rubber on rubber.
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