Q: steering wheel shakes when stopping anyone hear of it maybe being a clamped bra on 1993 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

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repair shop says it could be clamped line causing the shaking of the van when stopping because one side of the front brake is not doing the same as the other at same time, i have new brake pads my rotors were done maybe a year ago not sure but the shop said try the brake lines first then if that dont work turn the rotors etc
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sounds like your frt brake rotors are warpped. i would have them turned again. i don't believe it has anything to do with brk lines. someone is blowing smoke.
the shop does say the right front brake lined is clamped somewhere but they also said they would do that first and see how that works then turn the rotors but yes of course im a chick so you know how that goes at the car shops lol thanks for you reply
I would replace the front rotors I dont recommend machining them because you are making them thinner and they will probably warp again
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