Q: Steering wheel shakes thumping noise on 1995 Nissan Maxima

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On the passenger front side it sounds like my tire is going flat, there is a thumping noise, the steering wheel vibrates and pulls to left. I had the car in the repair shop replacing the tension belt pulley, the harmonic balance pulley, and the mechanic said I needed to replace the front passenger tire and that should stop the thumping and steering wheel vibration. I just had new tire put on and it still makes the thumping noise, like i am getting a flat tire and the steering wheel still shakes. What else can it be?
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This violent shaking and thumping is a safety issue and you shouldn't drive your car without getting this sorted out. First ensure the wheel lug nuts are tight, secondly jack up you car and see if there is play in the wheels grabbing them at the top and bottom and then 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. If everything appears normal rotate the wheels front to rear and see if the noise or vibration changes, if it changes your problem is wheel/tire related. If you feel this vibration in the steering the problem is presently related in the front of the car.
I am surprised your car was released to you without car having been test driven.
This can be hard to find, do it sound like mostly when you go over bumps if so check the shock asorber mounts they can be deteriorated or worn.
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