Q: Steering Wheel Locks Up on 1997 Dodge Intrepid

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I have a problem with my steering wheel locking up, and I can't turn the key to start my car. A friend told me that this is a child safety mechanism. Does anyone know anything about this and how I can avoid having this problem? Or is this a problem that needs to be fixed?
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make sure your gear shifter is all the way in park,if not the locking mechanism want release.also you need to have your transm checked and camshaft position sensor checked
If the car stops whith slight preasure against the steering wheel when it locks it will cause the key to not turn. The is a bind in the linkage from the key switch to the wheel lock. Wiggle the steering wheel hard enough to feel it move while turning the key, the key should turn when you hold the bind off the lock with your hand.
If thats whats happening you are holding the wheel turned some while shutting the key off.

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