Q: Steering Wheel Cruise Control Label Peeling on 1998 Ford Explorer

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What can i do to either repair or fix peeling labels off the steering wheel?
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Honestly I don't remember theses vehicles having stickers. the buttons were produced with dark plastic with white plastic at the letters,(this lets the back lighting shine through). Is the aftermarket cruise control? With original equipment, I believe the only way to correct this is to replace the cruise control switches, which may no longer be available.
Have you had any luck finding a replacement part for the peeling cruise control buttons? I have a 1997 Explorer in mint condition except for this one defect. I was headed home from the beach last year (having left the SUV parked in the sun all day) and when I pressed the cruise control button it just crumbled in pieces. I've checked all the online parts houses with no luck, but your inquiry caught my eye. I too am in Houston.
So far I haven't had any luck, and I've notice more 1997-98 Ford Explorer with similiar issues. I've decided to use black eletrical tap to cover and make it smooth looking.