Q: steering tracks left and right while driving down the road on 2001 Ford F-350 Super Duty

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I have replaced the Steering gear box and the power steeering pump. this feels like the truck has a delayed response to returning to center
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Sounds like sector shaft was adjusted too tight at the factory rebuild, replace gear box and see if fixes. Should be aligned after replacement. Was it aligned after initial gear box was replaced?
when you are driving the truck you make a turn come back to center start down the road that is when it wants to track left then right and continues this. there is no shimmy or vibrations, no uneven tire wear,I have not gotten it aligned yet. it was doing this before and after new gear box it is worse now
Now the thought process changes. I wish you would have said it did it before the parts replaced. I would suspect now that you have ball joints seizing up. Can unhook the tie rod ends and see if the tires are hard to move by hand to see if the ball joints are seizing.
i removed the tie rod ends and the hubs moved freely in both directions front to back no wobbble up and down either.
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