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Q: steering problems pulls to left on 2007 Toyota Camry

I have had the dealer line up my 2009 camry twice and it still pulls to the left, the dealer tells me a new strut mount or forced balancing will fix the caster problem
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allison, my 09 Camry has the same problem. 20k and 5 alignments that don't hold. I'm to the point of trading the car in for something diff. I've considered contacting Toyota, but I don't think they will fix it.
PLEASE HELP!! I have a 2007 Toyota Camry, and just tonight I was on the highway going to pick up my daughter going about 67 mph. My car had a sound that sounded like a soft pop, sounded like it came from the front driver side wheel. then it jerked to the left very fast! i slowed down very quickly and was able to steer the car back into my lane so I could pull over on the shoulder because it terrified me! I turned the steering wheel from the left to the right several times and heard nothing. The wheels seemes like they were turning like they should with the steering wheel. I was scared but I had to pick up my daughter. when I proceeded it steered properly at first. when I was driving I was going about 45 -47 in a 65 MPH zone because I was so scared, the car began to feel like it was swaying left to right as I accelerated and pulling to the left frequently! almost like it was over correcting its self! took it to the closest garage and the jacked the car up and seen nothing wrong in the front end and they also checked the rear end. They looked all underneath the vehicle. Nothing was broken and the bushens lookedd fine.They drove the car and said that there is something deffinatly wrong with it! I am very scared to drive my camry and I just got it back for 2 recalls that was done on the car! anyone else have this problem?? I will be at my local dealer in the morning when they open!!! I have searched the internet and I cant find a duplicated issue on the 2007 Camry's!
hello.. I recently experience the same thing and my car actually started spinning out of control on high way after that thing happened..
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Did your vehicle "pull to the left" prior to the initial alignment?
If so I am sure the basic and most obvious things have been checked (tire pressures and that the tires are a match not just in size but tire make and series of tire). Try rotating the tires and ask for a copy of the alignment specifications. Most alignment machines give a comprehensive print out of before and after specifications that show castor, camber, and individual wheel alignment figures. Have they implied anything may be bent (if so it should be obvious by the alignment sheet readings).
Sounds like the Camry is under warranty, and if the dealer can't solve the problem call the Regional Toyota help center and explain what is happening.
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