Q: Steering Problems on 1997 Dodge Intrepid

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I've had my Intrepid for 3 years now and have had to replace minor things along the way. Now, however I'm having major issues with the steering. After replacing the tie rod ends and having a front end alignment in Oct, I noticed that making turns I started hearing clunking noises, the steering wheel would catch then suddenly release and at times would be like not having power steering at all. Now, the noises have disappeared and it is just to a point where it basically has no power steering especially when braking or turning at slow speeds. Power steering fluid levels are fine. Is this something that is going to get worse? One garage told me I would just lose the power steering and another told me it's an accident waiting to happen.
(1) Answer
Both garages gave you good advice. You are losing your power steering and you could experience an unfortunate accident if you can't steer your car.
Most likely it's a failing PS pump but it could also be a failing steering rack. There are ways a pro would check these things.
Get it diagnosed ASAP.
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