Q: Steering is getting sloppy kinda like an old CJ
Whats the likely cause? on 1993 Jeep Cherokee

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Also been hearing a little groaning from power
Steering when real cold
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The most common issue is with the stabilizer rod that goes from the left frame rail down to the front axle. It has to hold the front axle solidly in place for the drag link to be able to transfer the steering effort to turn the wheels. Have an assistant turn the wheels side to side while you inspect the linkage for movement, if its worn it will be real obvious. If your not comfortable checking it yourself, give the description of the symptom to the shop, but then ask them to show you the movement.
Thx cardoclll ill check that out as soon as the temp here in Denver gets above article freezing
I've also noticed a lot of play in the steering as well does that seem
To jive w your diagnosis?
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