Q: steering clunk on 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

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I have inherited this van from my wife's father and notice there is a catching noise or slight clunk when turning the steering wheel while moving and at rest. I took it to my mechanic and they thought the strut mounts were "binding" and recommended a "quick-strut" job including strut mounts, struts and alignment for $1000. I've seen similar issues on this site referring to a sway bar or related bushing and want to make sure I've got the right diagnosis before I lay out the money. Any thoughts?

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hold them to there diag. the links make noise when going over bumps. good price for the struts.

thanks, do you think I should go ahead with the repair if the struts are otherwise working fine?
Get your mechanic check the steering column u joints. Not sure if thats exactly if thats what it is called but my dakota did the same thing and that is what it was. I is connected to your steering wheel and has like 2 u joints on it and when they wear they pop when you turn your wheel just like a drive shaft does when the u joint goes on it. Good luck I hope it is the sway bar for you cus the other way is kind of costly like $150 for part and if you cant do it yourself there is no telling what labor will cost. I did my own but very hard to get to. If its struts it will do it all the time on every little bump you hit not just turning the wheel. If its not what i said it is either the sway arm links or ball joints but either can be told if they are bad just by looking at them. If the rubber bushings on either are leaking grease or badly cracked than there is your problem. The dodges are real bad about the problem with the steering column u joints popping.