Q: steering on 2000 Nissan Maxima

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Have noise in right front side, changed struts, hub and bearing, rack and tie rod ends, brakes, new tires, noise is still there. need help, Thank You
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Under what conditions do you hear the noise? Do you hear the noise driving over bumps, taking turns, getting on and off the gas? Can you try to describe the noise? It seems like you have replaced a lot of components, did you replace the parts to take car of this noise or did the noise occur after replacing the components?
YES I have found and corrected same. It was a broken motor mount, the one above the right front wheel.The motor would bounce up and down when hitting a bump. The engine has four mounts, front, back and right and left.
Alonzo, have you had success in repairing this issue? My 2000 Maxima has the same issue with the same repairs made without success.
YOU RIGHT. I have a nissan maxima 2000 se, and it make the same noise, on rigth side on front, i was scared because i thought it was transmission problems, because when i push the pedal gas the noise star and then i went to the mechanic , so the guy told mewe need to change the front motor mount (on right side) so the noise was gone.