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Q: Startup Issue on 2005 Ford Taurus

After sitting overnight, etc., the car will not startup initially. it dies, restart and dies again. Usually takes 3 starts if you will before it starts up. other than that it runs great
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This sounds like the fuel pressure is bleeding off when the car is parked overnight and it takes a couple starts for it to prime again. This could also be a cold starting problem related to a temp sensor but it's difficult to say for sure. Do you have any warning lights illuminated?

See if this helps. In the morning, turn the key to on to the let fuel pump run. Most cars the pump will prime the system for 2 seconds and shut off. Turn the key completely off and then back to run and let the pump run again. Try cycling the key 4 or 5 times like this and see if it helps. If the pressure is bleeding off, you'll probably need to have it diagnosed. It could be the pressure regulator or check valve in the fuel pump, or something else. hope this helps
I can't really say which part is causing this without the car here but it sounds like what I thought. The engine needs to see a minimum amount of fuel and pressure to start from cold, in the morning. If the fuel pressure is bleeding off over night, some diagnosis is needed to know which part is allowing the pressure to bleed off. A fuel pressure gauge can be hooked up to verify that it is the fuel system losing pressure. Sorry I can't be more specific in identifying the issue but it sounds like we've narrowed it down
when i turn the key to the on position then off 5 times it starts up no problem. there is no warning lights at all.
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