Q: starts and dies out.will only run when spraying starting fluid in the carb. on 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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my jeep starts and dies out.if i push on the gas pedal it wont start at will stay running when i spray starting fluid in the carb.could it be a bad fuel pump.
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Yes, it could be a bad fuel pump. Can you hear the pump running when you turn the key to the ignition ON position? Someone may need to stay near the fuel tank and listen.

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I would start by scanning the computer for codes, and see if there are any codes that are related to the problem you are having. You can pick up a generic code reader at any auto parts store for around $50.00. Then I would check the fuel pressure at the service port on the fuel rail. You can usually rent a fuel pressure gauge from Auto zone for no charge. You should have at least 40 p.s.i.or more with the key on engine off. Let me know what you find.