Q: starting problems on 1999 Ford Expedition

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I came home last night truck was fine did need water pump. woke up this mourning truck would not turn over. put new water pump on, changed battery connectors, battery, still won't start. All lights inside and out are bright what could be the problem Thanks?
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A bad water pump would not have prevented your Ford from starting. You say the engine won't start, does the engine crank over/crank over fast enough?The "lights" being bright and all may indicate the battery is OK. If the engine cranks over sufficiently fast enough but doesn't start you may have "lost" fuel or spark. There are many engine sensors, (crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, and others) used by both the ignition system and fuel system to determine how much fuel to inject into the engine and when to allow spark to the spark plug to set fire to the fuel, in short any of many things could prevent your car from starting if it does crank over. If the engine dos not "crank over" at all the starter motor, starter motor solinoid or ignition switch or any of the wiring that conects these components may have failed.
it might your ground wire on your starter i had the same problem just get someone to turn the ignition key and hold it while you hit the starter where the ground connection is it should start