Q: Starting Problems on 2002 BMW 530i

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Turn key, everything is as normal but no action from starter. Checked battery and good at 12.45 volts. everything works but car will not start. No indication from starter that it was going. Could it be something else like ignition switch? WOuld like to know before I spend the money.
(1) Answer
12.45 is way too low. This means that your battery is very discharged. Your battery should be at a minimum 12.6 -12.9 volts. It takes tremendous amperage to crank a vehicle, about twice as much as the maximum amperage to run a 4 bedroom house!! I would have a proper charging system inspection including a load test of the battery at 1/2 the cold cranking amperage for 15 seconds and performed at least 2 times. The load test should hold at least 10.2 volts on a BMW. The old 9.6 volts is way too low for a modern car.