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Q: Starting Problems on 1997 Ford Probe

I have a 97 Probe GTS that I can't get to start. No error codes on ODB2 tester. It turns over, plugs fire and get fuel. Engine has compression. New distributor, plugs, plug wires (firing order set per manual). I pulled the crank shaft censor out, cleaned it and did a basic magnetic test on it. It "seems" to be working, however I don't know what voltage readings it should be sensing/sending. Spraying ether into the intake produces a backfire fire out the intake, but nothing to the cylinders. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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You are absolutely certain you are getting fuel, spark, air and have a free exhaust? Not much more to do. If you have spark, there should be no need to check the CKP sensor or anything like that, since you have spark. Make sure you do a base fuel pressure test and bleed down test. Check any relays for processor or fuel pump.
Yes. Installed new plugs turned it over several times trying to start it. Pull a plug to check for spark and new plug was wet with gas. Pulled the other five to make sure all 6 were wet. Checked spark with both Thexton tester and grounding each plug. Sprayed ether into airbox lid which was sucked right in.

One thing I noticed last night. The distributor cap has numbers (1-6) molded into the wire mount sockets, but the numbers don't match what the shop manual shows for the firing order. I know, silly question, but is that normal?

Thank you for the advice! I will check your suggestions and report back.
Per the 1997 Probe shop manual, the firing order that is correct is:

Odd but true. Is that what you have?
I also have a 97 probe gt and I am having the same problem. What I have found out was my distribtor had a hair line crack in it changed that and it seemed to do better until one night it wouldnt start again so wut I do is tap my relays with an extension and wiggle the wires on the distribtor and it fired up. Yester day evening had the same problem but tapping and wiggling didn't work so my cuzzo who's a mechanic came to my crib and sprayed some starter fluid in the I guess vacuum line that's in the front of the car right by the hood latch and it fired up I had to do the same thing when I got off to night. He's thinking change the fuel filter first and see if that helps or either my fuel pump is getting weak don't no if this will help you but its worth a try if you find out anything else please let me no thanks. Also your timing could be off.
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