Q: Starting Problem on 2005 Cadillac STS

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Hello, My 2005 STS will not start on occasions, I can go to the store, turn car off, then come back and this engine light is displayed. I have to wait about 2 hours and the cars starts right up. You can even jump the car to start, Is there a problem with the security system or is there a problem the FOB battery. Please help, I'm tried of sitting and waiting for the system to come back on. Herb
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Does the engine in your 2005 Cadillac STS turn over and not start or does it not turn over at all? Also, I am not sure of you can or cannot jump start it. Lastly, are any warning messages displayed?
Hello and thank you. There is now warning messages in the DIC.It must be in the security system. I put a new battery in the FOB, but car did same thing today. The light on the push button will not go green to start and the but the engine light is on, but it will start after about an hour or two. Jumping doesn't it, I tried that.
If you have another FOB please try using it and see if it helps. If not the security system fault will require diagnoses.
I am having the same issue with my 2005 STS. I have tried both key fobs. It would not start with my wifes so I tried my fob. it would not start at first but then it started dinging and the headlights came on. I jumped into the car and it fired right up. moved the car about 5 feet into a parking spot and turned it off. now it will not even crank. it only clicks. i replaced the battery and it is still doing the same thing. any ideas?