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Q: starting problem on 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

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this car starts fine 99 times then on the 100th time it appears to be either flooded or starving for fuel. I have to pump it 2x then floor it without letting up to start it. When I take it to a mechanic it never does it, and he can't find the problem.
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Another possibility is the engine looses "spark". If the engine looses ignition even if it gets fuel it won't start. Your car has On Board Diagnostics 2 on it, has any fault codes or pending codes been stored in the on board computer in your car.
Intermittent problems are sometimes hard to find. I often drive our customer's cars home or drive them at lunch time with a scan tool attached to the 16 pin diagnostic socket under the dash, if the car fails to start I can watch sensor values live on the scan tool to see if the computer in your car sees that the engine is cranking, inducting air into the engine, what the computer "thinks" is the actual coolant temperature of the engine, the tool can read fuel injector turn on time ect... all vital information to figuring out what is preventing your car from starting. your mechanic may have to "t" in a fuel pressure gauge and see if the engine gets fuel when the engine doesn't start. I also print a wiring diagram for the car and when it fails to start I start doing tests to see that the ignition switch is working correctly that the fuel pump and ignition system is receiving power. You may have to just leave your car for a day or two with someone interested in finding and solving the problem.
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