Q: starting problem on 1998 Acura TL

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Dear sir,
I love my car it is having 146000 miles on it stil working fine only problem is when it gets wet in rain it do not start or giving hard time but if it get started once there is no problem in heavy rain even.
what may be the problem and what is the solution?

Nilesh Mehta.
(2) Answers
Hi Nilesh, sorry to see you didn't get any help with this problem. Were you able to find out why your Acura doesn't start when it is raining?
One of my old cars did this in the rain and it was because there was a area where the water entered under my hood where the electrical box was, so my car wouldn't start until the area was somewhat dry. One day the car just completely stopped working and I salvaged it because the repair cost more than the actual car because it involved getting a new computer and electrical wiring. Hope this helps.