Q: starting problem on 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

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The past four days, my beetle will randomly not start. Sometimes a clicking noise will happen where a few or all warning lights will flash, sometimes I hear it try to roll over, and then eventually, after 15+ tries it will start. I have power in my car before I attempt to start it. Two times that I have gotten it to start after this process, the immobilizer light will flash....but the car will run fine. My time is 12, so I know the battery reset things. I took it to my local shop yesterday, and they checked everything out and changed the battery cable end because it was crusted. The closest vw dealership is an hour and a half away, so I haven't gone yet. When it starts, it runs fine! This happens one or two times a day. One other thing...I did have the battery changed a few months ago. The current battery was tested, and tested fine.
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