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Q: Starting issues on 1997 Chrysler Sebring

Okay and this is why we call her the money pit when got car had trouble starting. Replaced fuel pump, spark plugs, spark plug wires cap and rotor in shop in March 2009. That worked until about 2 months ago now car won't start. Replaced battery then altenator, now the distributor so getting spark but still not wishing to start. Any idea thinking possible starter relay or crankshaft positioning sensor.
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Perhaps it's the approach and not the car that makes it a money pit. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you have been replacing parts without properly diagnosing the problems, in hopes that the problem will be fixed, but it seems too take several tries? Take it to someone who will diagnose the problem you are having, that is how you address a problem, not by throwing money into the pit.
Sorry about the accusations, but we hear from a lot of people who throw parts at their cars, and then there are the "mechanics" who do the same, and this is the real shame.
I'm curious if the mechanic who suggested the distributor is going to reimburse you for the repair that didn't fix your problem?
What is the problem now? Is the check engine light on or are there any diagnostic trouble codes stored in the control module?
So the way it stands now, the engine is cranking over, it's getting spark but not starting? How is the fuel pressure and are the injectors operating?
hello again,
Checking ignition spark is the first and easiest thing to do. Are you getting spark at the plugs? Do you have any trouble codes stored in the engine module?
Ahh, that would be a good point....if I was not continue to fix what the shop continues to tell me what is wrong. Perhaps a new shop would be good at this point. But it is the shop who stated fuel pump, adn of course since just bought the car so plugs, wires, cap and rotor always good to fix with car over 100k miles. Though I did go out on my own with the battery and altenator I must admit. We did take it back to shop when car would not start thinking the fuel pump bad, but they insisted distributor so that is why I fixed that next. I have also had 3 additional people look at her for fun, 2 were actual mechanic and one who wishes he was but alas they can not tell me the exact issue. So then you play the hunt and pay trying to fix the issue because it's cheaper then towing car all over town, hoping someone can fix it.
No problem, read over my first entry and it does sound like I am just throwing parts out there. Let me see as far a distributor goes no money back there. The shop want 550 to replace with a refurb, so went to junkyard and got a used one for 100.00 which solved the issue of no spark but still not starting. No check engine light, and the code it's throwing not pointing to the exact issue. Though it is point more towrds electric issues. Again reaching for possible starter relay or Crankchaft positioning sensor. Trying to see if anyone may have had any other ideas before I throw down another 75 dollars on the sensor. Oh and before you asked my friend tested the code with the manual turning of the key. Then counting the flashes for code, my mechanic friend did not get any codes when he plugged the machine into the computer.
Correct, cranking but not starting at this point as far as we can tell fuel pressure good may need to check the injectors though just to be sure ran some general injecter cleaner when was funning but nothing heavy duty. Then again the shop telling us not a fuel issue.
wow had the same problem found it to be the starter. of course we replaces the sensers fuel pump distributer first with no luck.
I was having the same problem with a friends Sebring 1997 Model. We have checked Distr./Coil/Rotor and have discovered there is not spark. Fuel is there but no voltage to the two pin connector going to the ignition coil when car is in the on position. We are now troubleshooting the Cranks Sensor/Cam Sensor for operation. When car is in the On/Start position, if sensor is not operating correctly or fails, ASD will activate and voltage will not be sent to Coil for startup.
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