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Q: Starting engin problem, turn the key nothing happens on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

I try to start the engin by turnimg the key nothing happens sometimes this happens three or four times before it starts. this is intermitent
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I had the same problem on a used 2002 Town and Country. The previous owner changed teh starter for the same reason, but it did not fix the problem. It turns out that there was a dirty contact on the starter relay in the fuse box. It was keeping the proper voltage from going to the starter solenoid, which did not allow the solenoid to fully engage. I just cleaned the contacts with some fine grit sand paper and it fixed the problem.
Did you clean the starter relay contacts and the starter fuse? Both located in the fuse box in the engine compartment. You can do this yourself for free.
It is starting to be regular now happens first time you start it in the day then seams to start ok
found the problem was a bad battery the first cell would short lowering the voltage to 10 Vdc so it would not start if you keep trying it would start or after you put a charger to it . most of the time it would not start first thing in the Morning .
When this happens, have someone stand next to the vehicle to see if they can hear a clicking soound from the front of the engine. If, YES, your Starter Solenoid contacts are worn and the starter must be replaced. If NO, the problem is elsewhere, Starter relay, Ignition Switch, Transmission PRNDL Switch, Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and / or wiring are all interlaced into the starter circuit.
I am having the same problem all fuses and relays are clicking and clean all lights in dash and throughout van come on but it will not start does anyone have any suggestions
i have a 2001 town and country also and same thing but if u have the alarm system or the ring to unlock the doors make sure all the door,s are closed cause it set,s of the alarm and it won,t start as well the front light blinks as if you had the hazards on but don,t unlock the doors then lock them again it should work .....
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