Q: starting on 1995 BMW 325i

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i was driving my 1995 325i bmw two door. allday the when we were almost home we pulled in to get gas turned car off . then went to start car again and everything turned on but not even a click .car would not start .tried jumping it no dice. the battery was low but evryuthing was on .but no start , nothing at all. so we got a new ignition and still nothing what could it be?
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I can tell that you're at a loss as to what could have happened. There is no standard reason why a car would do what yours is doing so there's no way I could tell you what's wrong without much more specific information. A technician would have to inspect the car himself to determine what's wrong.
Tow the car to a BMW specialist, BMW's are not like any other car so you need a BMW specialist to work on them.
If you want to find a Beemer specialist, here's our directory link for you: