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Q: Starter/alternator/wiring????? on 1999 Mercury Cougar

Ive recently replaced the transmission and it drives and shifts perfect, but sometimes out of the blue the car will die like the alternator is going out, usually within the first 5 min. of driving, lights dim slowly, no radio, no gauges, until the car runs rough then dies...the only way to get it started again is to jump it, otherwise it will just click like the starter is getting weak, and after you jump it, it runs fine and will stay running..The battery light flashes rapidly..doesnt stay lit, and i just put a new battery in. ive checked the grounds and all seem to be tight. I need help please!!!
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Make sure the terminals and cables are clean and tight even down to the starter, because a loose or corroded cable will cause intermittent problems.
These cars are also very prone to burn up alternators. They will run with a charged battery, enough to get you say, maybe 100 miles without the headlights on, then go dead. I just replaced my alternator again to find out that the harness has now burnt out.
To Me it sounds like you have a constant pull of power at all times, until it kills your battery, How to check it is, Get a $5 test light Unhook Neg. off of battery and touch the prong of the test light to the positive battery terminal and if the light lights up then start pulling fuses (1 at a time) until the ligh goes out, once the light goes out, then you've narrowed it down to 1 particular thing, and as far as these cars burning up alternators, If you would take the positive wire off from the alternator to the starter, there is an 175amp Inline fuse there, this fuse is way to big and it continue to burn up alternators..
OK I got my new 130 amp alternator today put it in and the SaME shit again... All wires are new battery is new fuses are all good 175 amp fusible link is good wtf is wrong??? Am I missing something stupid??
2nd thing**** my dash battery light doesn't come on before I start my car but if I splice the green wire on the connector to the alternator and run a wire to the ground on the battery from the splice the dash battery light comes on but stys on ... Any suggestions plz fell free
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