Q: starter problems on 1999 Volvo V70 XC

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I have a '99 volvo cross country and sometimes the engine will not start. The battery seems to work fine (all electronics are fine) however there is no sound when the key is turned. The first few times this happened was at the gas pump after the tank was extremely low. After waiting for a few hours for the engine to cool it would finally turn over. This led me to believe maybe it was a connection problem due to the expansion of the hot engine. However waiting for the engine to cool is no longer working. Im sure that this is a starter problem since there is no sound, not even the solenoid cranking, but it seems limited to the times that the car is low on gas. can the gas be a contributing factor? could i try to hit the starter or jump the starter? if so where and how would i go about doing so? thanks
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What I would suggest is checking the voltage to the starter when trying to start the engine, if you don't have voltage this may be an immobilizer issue. Try a different ignition key and see if that helps.
Whenever any of these have electrical issues I always check the B+ cable end, they fail often on these and will cause all kinds of issues. Go to the fuse box in the engine and remove the cover, you'll see a few red cables bolted to a metal stud, that is the B+ cable, if it looks corroded or burned it needs to be replaced. Find a knowledgeable Volvo shop and they will be very familiar with this issue.
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