Q: starter problems on 1999 Toyota Tacoma

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Ive had to change the starter every 2 1/2 yrs Like clockwork it has gone out on me again (10 yrs) Except this time it appeared to be the starter becuz of the click but I have learned that (after replacing it)that the starter is still good. this time the main power to the starter is there but there is another wire leading to the solenoid that doesnt appear to have power. Is there a fuse or relay that could be faulty here. I ran a wire between the power & the solenoid terminals and the got nothing. I connected a battery jumpstarter to the starter and touched the sloenoid side and it started. Tried to start it,without junp assistance,but only single click again. Help plzzz
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If your not getting a 12 volt signal to the solenoid when turning the ignition key, then that circuit needs to be fault traced. I would also check the battery cables really good. Have a voltage drop test performed between the starter and the battery, this can reveal a lot. Here are some instructions for that test:
i finally figured it out. i had multiple bad ground connections mostly due to corrosion. jumping to the conclusion that it was the starter cost me $125. im just happy to have my truck up n running again. the drop voltage advise i got from here led me to the problem. thanks and aloha from hawaii