Q: starter problems ? on 1991 GMC Vandura 2500

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if the starter shorts out, what happens, how do i know ?
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A starter that is failing will take an excessive amount of current (amperage) to engage. It will crank slow, lights will dim more, and eventually it will only click.
i have no power to turn over. no heater fan,windows,radio......noyhing but lights. i found a bad wire, but each time i fix and connect it, it blows the fuse or burns the wire in two. was wondering if a shorted out starter would cause this. the key does not need to be on to cause all this caouse.
Starters do not "short out".

You may have a wiring issue that is causing that circuit to overload and fuse to blow. Without knowing what circuit it is, it's impossible to determine the rammifications of what is going on. You'll need a wiring diagram, a DVOM (voltmeter/ohmmeter) and a fair amount of time.