Q: Starter malfunction when engine is warmed up on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV

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When warm, starter will engage but immediately disengage when engine fires.
This began after daily ambient temperatures began to settle in above 40 degrees. I only mention this because the engine also began to develop a backfire about the same time. The backfire would occur when I would ease off the gas pedal during low speed acceleration, or when the engine slowed following a shift to a higher gear.
I thought the change in ignition behavior may be somehow tied to the unusual starter condition.

Any answers out there? (About the starter or ignition issue)

It started and ran well all winter. Has new alternator, fuel pump and filter, year old starter, new MAP sensor, New Throttle Position Sensor, New distributor and wires, new battery.
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It sounds like two separate problems, one is that the starter drive is failing and/or that the flywheel ring gear is missing teeth, and the second is that there's a running problem with the engine. I'm not sure what you mean by "backfire " (pop in the intake of the engine, or pop in the exhaust, or engine kicking back and causing the car to shudder) but it sounds like an ignition problem. I'd suspect contamination inside the distributor cap or failing sparkplugs, after reading what parts you've replaced.
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Yeah, the exhaust "pops" out the exhaust as teh throttle body closes, as described.

It turns a quick starter replacemnt did solve that problem. I could see the teeth on the bendix drive were a bit rounded over, suggesting it was not fully engaging.