Q: starter chatters and it fails to turn engine. on 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

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replaced battery with one of good charge.
(2) Answers
Most likely bad starter drive,next suspect flywheel. Any work been done on car?
As the starter may be loose.
That is the spark plugs not working and also you could have a bad air filter too and the coil wiring needs to be replaced. That is what happened with me yesterday, to a tune of $800. However, it was worth it and my car now is working like a dream.

Also it pays to take it to a mechanic who can do it on the cheap side and you can save a ton of money that way. Also you might have to get your starter replaced too, and that will be expensive. Have the mechanic at the dealership or gas station or AAMCO do a diagnostic on the car to make sure that it is not the starter or ignition. It should not be though. If it is, you are looking at close to $1,000 to get that replaced.

But it is more than likely that you need to get the spark plugs replaced as well as the air filter and coiling system.