Q: starter on 1996 Toyota Corolla

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my car use to died when i was at my house. now it willn't start. the starter has been replace and the alternater and i have no idea why it wont start. even any tech can figure it out even witha digosed.
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Does your car's engine "crank over" and appear to "crank over "fast enough" when you turn over the ignition key? Check that the battery connections are clean and secure. If not do the dash lights come on when you turn on the ignition key? Try charging and testing the battery to ensure it is OK. If the car cranks over and just won't make an attempt to fire. The engine needs three things to start. Fuel, Spark and engine mechanical integrity.
I am having a similar problem. The car cranks over just fine, it even will fire randomly but not crank. I have spark and fuel vapor when the plugs are removed. When the plugs are out the engine turns over faster so I know I have some compression. When the rotor button is on the no.1 position, the no.1 piston is up and the valves are closed. It all started with a low idle speed and the engine started going dead at idle. I have also cleaned the intake system and EGR valve. Now it won't crank, please help.