Q: starter on 2002 Chrysler Sebring

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where is the starter located ?
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It's under the front of the motor and transmission. You'll probably need to remove the O2 sensor and motor mount through bolt. Disconnect the battery first, very important.
Its not real hard on a 01-06 Sebring. Takes about 3 hours. Raise the vehicle and put a jack stand support under. Disconnect the oxygen sensors and remove the air cleaner. Put a jack under the oil pan and lift the engine a little to take stress off the mount bolts (3 front base, 2 under the engine, 1 on starter and 1 mount connector bolt). Leave the insulation shroud attached to the mount, then work the mount pieces out through the bottom. Remove the bolt holding the starter, then loosen the starter and rotate it to access and remove the connecting wires. You should then be able to work the starter back and out of the engine. Take it to an auto parts shop and have it tested. Installation is the reverse of what removal. It was designed this way to discourage the DYI's from trying it. Not hard for those who like puzzles.
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