Q: start up issues on 1994 Mercury Villager

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it sputtered one day then next day it wouldn't start here is what i have done so far
took out gas tank to check and clean tank and pump ckd ok
changed fuel filter,cleaned gas lines i have fuel going to and from ckd ok
checked spark,cleaned plugs, dist ok,gaped plugs to 32thous because they were 45thous,dist,coil wires all ok
batt new,ckd fuses,cleaned all elect conn.,oil ok gas ok
turns over fine but wont run
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mike w
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Diagnosis Mike, diagnosis! If it's not starting it's probably because you don't have spark or fuel at the cylinders. Check for spark at the plugs, check fuel pressure and injector operation. Check crankshaft to camshaft timing as well.
Ok, another question on that subject: My 1994 Villager takes a while to start in warm weather. Starts fine in cold weather. Scratching my head over this one.