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Q: start problem on 1997 Ford Contour

hi! i have ford contour 1997 sprt package with V6 engine. i just bought it from auction and it doesn't start. they said it starts... when i turn the key on, the engine doesn't crank or make noise like "click". nothing at all... what might be it from? please help!
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Could be an electrical problem, if you can bring the vehicle to our shop, we will do a basic check up on the vehicle, free of charge.
i will need to tow it for it! since i am beginner mechanic, i want to try something. and i forgot to tell that i put new battery on it! and when i turn the key, the lights doesn't become lower which is likely ignition switch! And thanks for the response!
Hang on -- you likely have a PATS system issue. That is the anti-theft key that is required to start the car. Without a properly programmed key, you cannot start this car. I find if you buy a car from the auction, and it is of unknown origin, you may not have working keys. They may turn the key cylinder, but not communicate with the PATS module transceiver.

Does that red light above the radio area blink with the key on?
hmmm there is red light blink but not above the radio but left side of the wheel! is it from that? yea the key is turning and i can turn on the Radio! its wierd that when i turn the Key all the way to the right, it doesn't make any sound or anything... thanks for the respond!
A red light blinking on the LEFT side of the wheel is an aftermarket alarm red light. This can also kill your starter. There is probably an alarm added on to this car that you may not have a remote for. Feel around under the dash and see if there is either toggle button or a tiny black button to push. Hold this button to push down as you turn the key on, then crank - it should start.

The Ford factory PATS light should be located where teh "CONTOUR" badge is above the radio. That light should stay solid red and go off, not blink.

i had the same problem with my 1998 contour lx. suddenly would not start, i heard the fuel pump when i turn the key, but when i tried to start nothing, not even a click. but this comment by davejm lead me to a solution:

"Does that red light above the radio area blink with the key on?"

solution: i found that when the PATS light above the radio was blinking about 1 time every 2 seconds, but when i try to start the car the light would blink rapidly, maybe 2 times per second. i went and got my spare key and tried to start the car and instantly it started...the issue was the key. i also found out that if you don't have a key that works, there is a PATS reset procedure you can go through.
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