Q: start car and runs for a few second then shuts off. on 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

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was told that it was the starter module. where is it located and how do you replace it
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Not aware of a starter module....Do you have a security lamp flashing on instrument cluster when this happens? Theft deterant system may be disabling your car from running.
no there is no security lamp on. i think it is called the ignition module instead of starter module. anyway i took it off and had it checked. they tested it 12 times over and it tested good. how would i over ride the security system to see if that may be the problem. my son was putting in a new radio and sub woofer and when he tried to start car to come home then it would start and run for about 4 seconds and shut off like you would turn key switch off. thank you so much for your help
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Best way to find out if the scurity system is causing your problem is to have someone read the stored fault codes from diagnostic system. If that is the problem it will have a code to indicate that it is activly disabling the car from running.