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Q: stareted van drove to store,started to leave,it died ,then started,then died on 1991 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

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went 30feet ,died.had fuel.changed fuel pump&filter.ran for day,yhen did it again.pulled fuel line at TB,was getting gas to the TB.figured it to be pressure regulator.i was getting a good cone of fuel from both jets,then it would drizzle &die.turn off-start right up-then then die.changed TB&Regulator.Ran for a week w/no probs.Then Did it again.Was told it sounded like it was my ECM, got 1 put it in started up,and here we go again.
Thank you again for your quick response.
Whats the best way i can check that?
If it helps i did plug one of those little flash testers on the jet plug.
it kept flashing as it died.
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The safest way to check without tools (scope, or spark checker) is to take out a spark plug, connect it to the spark plug wire, lay the spark plug on a ground and start up the vehicle. You should see a blue spark jumping from the electrode to the ground.
Be careful, that ignition system can put out 50,000 volts.
Be careful if there is a fuel leak it could ignite.
thanks i will do that ,and get back to you .If you dont mind
nice to have you on my side .;)
I'm not sure if what you are describing is what is happening to my 92 Chevy G20. When weather is hot outside it sometimes dies after starting. I drove it 50 miles, ran great, went into store, came out and it started dying whenever I started it. After about 6 times was able to quickly put in drive and go. Was told it was vapor locking. Still waiting on help about this issue in my question I posted but thought maybe you might be having same issue. Good luck.
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