Q: Stalling while driving on 2005 Chrysler 300

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At any speed my car will stall. I put it in neutral and restart the car with no problem. What could be the cause?
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its needs a erg ... its very comon ... i have 3 chrysler 300 , they have all had the same thing EGR replaced
Too many possibilities. You'll want to have the problem diagnosed. Check for diagnostic trouble codes stored in the PCM, and make sure it has the latest software in the PCM. Have you checked for diagnostic trouble codes?
See the web site and review the complaints. Note scenarios that show stalling during cold engine temps when coupled with turning the steering wheel (NHSTA champaign # 04V113 (D15)). My 2004 (purchased new) has this issue but Chrysler states that my particular manufacturer date is not within the guidelines for a free repair. I have paid $1,317.92 to try to fix this issue with no luck. Now that I think I have found the "fix" Chrysler and the dealership where the vehicle was purchased wants nothing to do with me. They were glad to take my $1,317.92 and not fix the problem. I am now petitioning my Attorney General for help. It seems like an easy fix. Replace the NGR version 1 powertrain control module with the NGR version 3. In Chrysler's letter to affected customers (of which according to Chrysler I am not one) it states that the problem "can cause a serious accident." I hope this describes your problem I also hope you are within the guidelines of a "free fix."