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Q: Stalling at idle when stopping or shifting into gear on 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hello, I have a 97 Grand Cherokee w/ the 4.0L i6. It has recently developed a problem where it starts and idles fine in P or N, but shifting into gear causes it to idle very roughly and eventually stall. I can shift into gear & then rev up quickly to get it to drive, then it drives fine, shifts fine, etc, until I come to a stop, where it will idle roughly and stall eventually. Any ideas?
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You may have one of many issues, One being the transmission torque converter lockup clutch sticking and the other being a dirty throttle body. A dirty throttle body will cause intermittent stalling because a metered amount of air must flow past the throttle plate when the throttle is closed. A dirty throttle body will restrict the air flow to a point where the Idle Air Control Motor(IAC) cannot react fast enough to stabilize the idle speed, thus stalling the engine. A dirty throttle body will cause stalling especially when the engine is cold. Remove the air cleaner ducts to the throttle body. With the engine off, open the throttle blade and look into the throttle bore. If you see a build up of black sooty substance. you can clean it with Throttle Body Cleaner, available at your local auto parts store. Spray some into the throttle bore and on to a rag. With your finger, scrub the throttle plate and the bore until it is clean. Try this first, you may save some additional expenses.
Thanks, Johny Mopar! I actually had checked that & also had changed out the Idle Air Control sensor. The throttle body seemed clean when I checked it.

However, the problem has been solved. The radiator had a small leak in it. I knew this, but did not think that could be related to the problem. (I have to admit I'm pretty weak at diagnosing & wrenching, though!) I replaced the radiator, which is pretty easy in that Jeep, and it's now running great! Who'd-a-thunk-it!!

Thanks anyway!
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