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Q: stalling at first start on 2000 Ford Explorer

I bought 2000 Ford exploror with 66000 miles, With in one week i had issues when i went to start it would idle low and die. engine light came on, Rmp gauge work on and off, radio clock lights did not work. Took it to menikee, they replaced mass air flow senser and charged 480.00, Next morning still stalled and engine light came back on soon after again. next took it to another repair shop, they changed ignition coil pack, and crank sensor charged me 336.00, Next morning after i asked him to keep to start in morning before and after repairs, it still had same issue at start up, returned it to same place, agian ask them to start in morning before and after repairs, he replaced IAC and at my request plugs and plug wires. he said he would not charge for labor on iac, part was 143. and parts and labor for plugs and wires were 259.00 labor and 100.00 parts. same problem at start when i went to start next morning. He also recomended i change timining chain soon at a cost of 2000.00 parts and labor. i have spent 230.00 at jiffy lube, oil change and fuel filter, rear difrential ect. changed radiator fluid at jiffy lube 94.00. and ford replacedspeed control system modifacation deactivation switch days before i bought it, due to recall along with battry. all this and i have only had suv since 10/03/2010 it had 66807 miles when i bought it and now it has 67980 miles i have payed 1700.00 already and still have same problem still stals and low idle at first start and rpm gauge still not working it will if you hit dash radio light came on after ignition coil pack and crank sensor was replaced but has gone off, at times. What should and could i do, I feel taken advantage off please help. Thanks Tina.
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This vehicle/engine has a history of Intake manifold leak. It would be important to read the present trouble codes and smoke test the intake for leaks.
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Tina, I think you are being taken too! My first question is why are all these parts being replaced without a scan for codes No, codes present. Everything you had replaced already should have left a code in the computer and check engine light on. You need to stay away from all the shops you have already been too, at this point you would be better off going back to ford dealership have them scan it for problems and check map sensor, cold air charge sensor, and for vaccum leak.
I wanted codes, could i get them. my x husband is a master mechanic, he had originaly told me to get codes from onother place and he could tell me if unessasary work was done. He is in Texas i am in Nv. i would like to challenge the jerks, I already knew the game. My Husband now should have listen to me. He should have swolled his pride, X husband is always willing to help for his kids bennifit, He would rather them reap the savings. But enoughs enough i will pay double just to prove how wrong it is to lie cheat and still.
Dear Tina,First,I am so sorry this has happened 2 u!! I would highly consider A) asking some of the pplewho it appears robbed u 4 ur $ backor a good portionof it as what they did had NOTHING at all to do with what u brought the vehicle in 4 2 begin with. B) U were overcharged. C) The problem continued the vERY NEXT DAY!!!. Call ur Better business bureau. I also just giot the ford explorer 2000 from a retired park ranger outfit but they service them every 3000 and they r garaged when not in use. The issue i have been told is i need ControlArm/Bush and/or Upper masterpro Arm. Not looking forward 2 the tickey $$ Cant findany recalls that match that nor do I even know what it does mechanically. Id def. be asking/demanding some $$$ back from the garages that did work that was completely unrelated to what u requested andtold them u wanted looked at. Good Luck, Ny HEART goes out 2 u!! Janice
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