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Q: stalling on 1998 Dodge Durango

My durango runs fine on the highway but tends to stall at near idle speeds (<10 mph). Ive had the plugs and wires replaced but it did not solve the problem. Any insight?
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It is hard to guess without being able to experience the problem first hand your car's computer controls the idle speed electronically. I wonder if there is a problem with the idle speed control system or some other under lying problem. Your car has on board diagnostics level 2 (OBD2) a 16 pin socket under the dash allows the computer in your car to be interrogated using a scan tool to read live sensor data that may point to the problem with out having to do extensive testing at each sensor. Interpreting all the sensor data can determine if a particular sensor is failing, the engine is mis firing, running to lean ect..... Plugging in a professional grade scan tool is often the cheapest and most efficient way to find drivability problems. High end automotive scan tools (like dealerships and independent repair shops that specialize in Dodge ) have by directional control, the scan tool an "drive the idle speed high or low to see if the control system is functioning correctly.
I should also add. this doesnt happen while the car is in park. but happens frequently in reverse or stop & go traffic.
Mine did the same thing. Untapped to somebody about it and they told mento replace the sensor. Cost 33 bucks at autozone and a level 1 on a do it itself scale.
After reading everything on the internet, I found out tonight that I had a cracked vacuum line. I taped it with electrical tape and all of my power and smooth idle suddenly came back. Prior to that I took the throttle body off and cleaned it which is a good thing to do anyway. I swapped out the AIC (air intake sensor), the fuel sensor, the computer control panel (pulled it from a U Pull It, 30 day exchanges), and much more. All of these things made it run a little better, so I don't regret changing them. Start with the simple things and work your way up, some sensors can be cleaned or tested prior to replacing to save time and money. Hope this helps.
I would first clean the IAC idle air control. Remove the elec. connector & take out the 2 screws & clean the sensor with a rag & some spray cleaner. May want to get a Q-tip & clean where it came from. Then re-install!!! I had the same issue; cleaned it & runs great!!
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