Q: stalling on 1996 Oldsmobile Bravada

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i bouhgt a 1996 oldsmobile bravada 4.3 smartrak. when we first bought it it ran with some skip if you were going 55 or more but the minute i try to drive it through town and come to a stop sign or let off the gas to slow down it stalls. i have replaced the following parts i have over 1400.oo in parts and dont know what else to do i replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, the brain , new exhaust system , new o2 sensor, new spider injector , plus ,wires,distributer,coil i have too much money in it to cut my loses now it will start only if you poor gas in the carb then stalls right out after that gas is gone please anyone that could help would be appreciated
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i dont know if this will help but i am haven the same problem and i ran a diangois and it came back as the mass air sensor. and i ask sombody at the part store and the said that would cause it to missfire. cause it has a bad fule mix. i hope that helps u. or if u have fond any thing out if u could let me know. cause i am try to fix the same proble.
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