Q: stalling on 1993 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

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My surburban keeps stalling whenever I stop or let off the gas, most of the time it will start right back up and will stay running as long as I hold the gas, but there are also times it wont start until it has set for 10- 15 mins. I had it dianosed on a computer and fixed everything it said could be wrong, but nothing worked. I still have the same problem and it seems to be getting worse, happening more often
(1) Answer
When your Subruban stalls and won't start you will need to check at that time for spark and fuel. What ever is lacking at that time will need to be fixed. If you are lacking spark I would suspect an internal distributor fault. If you are lacking fuel you could have an intermitant fuel pump fault. The only way you may be able to fix this issue is to properly diagnose the problem while it is happening.