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Q: Stall then no start at operating temp on 2000 Nissan Xterra

Vehicle will run fine in the morning. Problem has occurred 2 times since being garaged. Starts and runs perfect. 10 minutes on hwy and suddenly the vehicle starts misfiring finally resulting in a no start situation. Can smell fuel and get a few backfires at wide open throttle befor the vehicle stops running. New parts on vehicle are cap, rotor and plugs.
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Do you have any Check Engine Lights coming on?

I would have the computer scanned while the problem is happening. There should be some relevant data that will give clues as to what is malfunctioning.

I would have a technician go with you with a good scanner connected and drive the car. When the your nissan acts up, you should be able to see what is going away. It may take several tries but this is the best ( only ) way that I know to catch an intermittent system failure like it sounds you have.
When I mean a scan, I mean a data stream scan, you can have a BIG problem and there will be no Check Engine or Service Engine Light illuminated. It takes SO much more than that to Diagnose a problem. I would check your ignition coil, since you have a distributor type of Ignition, ohm check the primary and secondary winding. I have seen and replaced many completely wasted Ignition Coils, failing fuel pumps (just had one yesterday) that never set any codes, or if codes were set, they were fuel trim related codes. Hope that this gives you some more ideas.
Hey, have you managed to fix this? Im having the exact same problem... Plz tell me if you fixed! Thx.
Had this happen to my 2000 Xterra. Started fine in morning, but if I shut it off, it was ahrd to start. Required some heavy gas pedal pumping to start then rean real rough. Took it to a shop and they diagnosed it as a failed coolant temp sensor. Was reading my coolant temp as -40, so it ws sending extra rich fuel mixture that was flooding engine. $120 to diagnose and fix. DIY for about 30.
car wher it gets hot outside the car will not start what is doing that i can drive and it just shouts down what causes that
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